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This week’s lecture was on the topic of focal lengths and their effects. I personally thought the lecture was both interactive and engaging, and I found it really helpful that Robin had set up a camera in class and gave up on-the-spot examples as we went on about the lecture.

Then in tute, Paul showed us how to properly set up and connect the mixer to the camera. Working in groups of three, we started setting up the audio mixer, which took no more than two minutes, followed by the camera. That, for me, was the tricky part. It took us a while but we managed to figure out where the cables connected to. Then, we were told to do a status check to see if the camera was indeed connected to the camera and that the camera was picking up sound. After that, Paul talked about the some mistakes students commonly make when handling the equipment and while filming on set. He also lectured us about white balance and exposure. Playing around with the white balance was never my strong suit. I’ve always struggle with white balance, in the sense that I’ve never been able to get it right, at least not on my first try. So the tute as well as the reading for this week helped clear things up a little.

On a separate note, I found the “Producing Videos” reading rather interesting and helpful. To elaborate, I was never good with white balance (as mentioned above) and prior to doing the reading, I was unaware of the common mistakes when fiddling with the white balance. So it was good to know exactly where I’ve gone wrong in the past. Besides that, I’ve always been a stranger when it comes to the camera aperture. Before this, I had always assumed that aperture only came in one setting. That its size was fixed. So I was surprised to discover that there are several different aperture settings and that the images shot with large aperture openings have less depth of field.

And that pretty much sums up all that I’ve learnt this week and all in all, I think I’ve learnt a lot.