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Manage spam and comments

People often misuse comments boxes by posting various inappropriate, offensive, and/or promotional posts, which makes the task of handling spam and comments a royal pain. In the past, I’ve always handled it manually – checking for notifications at the end of the day and deleting spam if there’s any. But this conventional method is not all that effective and efficient, especially if something inappropriate gets published and is later witnessed by the eyes of a minor. The Internet is a dangerous playground, which leads to the use of safety-featured applications or spam filtering services online, in hopes of  making the Internet a safer place across diverse age groups.

There is an assortment spam filtering services to choose from on the World Wide Web. However, the one I’ve chosen to help reduce spam on my blog is known as Akismet. Akismet or Automattic Kismet automatically detects spam and demands approval before publishing the comment on your blog. It does this by monitoring millions of blogs and forums, then observes and studies how spammers operate. Akismet definitely helped me save a lot of time and effort by doing what it does best.