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As an extension of last week’s tute, this week our task was to film more cutaways to complement our previously shot and edited interview. So we brought our gear out on the streets, going handheld this time around. Apart from some shaky shots and not getting the exposure quite right for a couple of them, I’d say the filming went pretty well. Here’s the new and improved version of my interview exercise.


The course is now well underway and this week, we conducted our first filming exercise. I’ve always been a fan of these hands-on exercises. They are super fun to do, and not to mention a great way to learn. We got into small groups of 3 or 4 and off we went. I was in charge of audio and Tamie was our subject for the day. I’ve played around with the audio equipment a couple of times prior to this but I’ve never actually tried recording anything with it. And so, getting it set up just right was slightly more challenging than I imagined it would be. But I managed to figure it out at the end of the day and that’s all that matters. Anyway, without further or due, here is the interview exercise all cut up and ready for viewing.

Contrary to popular belief, cheerleading is a sport, an athletic, demanding and highly competitive one at that. The sport is high on tumbling, jumps, stunts and dance and has gained popularity over the years. The team to audition for is Cheer Extreme and on the team is Maddie Gardner, one of the best all-star cheerleader in the country and since leading her team to a gold at Worlds, she is now a “cheer-lebrity” in the world of cheerleading. Maddie, having grabbed the gold for her team, is now under extreme pressure to stay on top. In her interview with CNN reporter Sandra Endo, she talks about her past experiences as well as the amount of commitment, struggles, pressure, and sacrifice the sport requires.

This video interview showcases various stunts and jumps, which I feel, properly justifies the sport and illustrates just how difficult the sport truly is. Apart from stating the seriousness of the sport, the video communicates the values associated with the sport. To further illustrate my point, cheerleading teaches its practitioners teamwork, leadership, showmanship, discipline, and simultaneously boosts confidence. Next,┬áit also shows the audience just how much work, time and dedication is put into a 2-3 minute routine. To quote Endo, “it’s been an emotional end to a year of intense pressure and training. But practice is starting all over for the next season.”

Lastly, during the interview, Maddie tells CNN she and her team plans to secure their spot at the top, but having injured her leg just weeks before Worlds, will the team be able to stay on top? Or will they come tumbling down?