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Nadia Eweida is a Christian and a flight attendant at British Airways. She was spotted wearing her cross on the job one day and was told off by her employers. When she refused to budge, she was forced to leave work. Nadia’s insistence of wearing her cross resulted in a huge legal battle between her and her employers as well as the British Government. Her request was denied by a total of six British courts, whose verdict stated that the airlines was merely sticking to protocol and was fair in their commands. The European Court of Human Rights, however, thought otherwise. Upon receiving the good news, Nadia responded by saying, and I quote,

it’s significant for Christians because they will be able to wear their crosses in their workplace without the feeling of retribution or discrimination

As a result of the intervention of the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, Nadia finally won her case in 2009 (seventh time’s the charm) and was given permission to wear her cross in her workplace. The repercussions of this extensive, and in my opinion irrational, battle had cost British Airways their corporate reputation. But it doesn’t end there. After the court ruled in Nadia’s a favor, she continued her legal battle against the British Government, saying it hasn’t adequately protected her human rights.

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