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We’ve gotten into groups and brainstormed ideas for our upcoming project. I think we’ve gotten off to a pretty good start. Here is what we’ve got so far:

Drag Queen

  • Wednesday Bingo Night
  • What caused the change?
  • Personal struggles
  • What it’s like?
  • Before and after drag
  • The old vs. new generation of drag queens
  • What it takes to become a drag

Sweeney Todd (Student Production)

  • what happens behind the scenes?
  • Struggles producing a musical
  • Struggles being in the musical
  • The process of producing a musical


  • What actually happens behind the bar?
  • Subject’s personal experiences
  • What’s it like being a bartender?

The month of July marks the start of a new semester, and on the agenda is a 4-7 minute documentary film. In this week’s tute, we were told to think about an idea/subject we would like to explore, then share it with the entire class. I pitched the idea of making a documentary about the craze over a particular collectible, using the recent (and perhaps still ongoing) craze over the Despicable Me minion toys. I’ve read dozens of articles about these minions (which come free with every happy meal) being sold for RM5000+ (approx. $1670) on ebay and about how people would line up to get them even before opening hours, forming a line so long it puts the great wall of China to shame! I think that’s absolutely ridiculous and I’m curious to know what is it exactly about these minion dolls that people find so intriguing. Having said all of that, this craze is mostly experienced in asian countries and so to find and film the subject(s) as well as real-time occurrences poses a problem. And thus began the process of brainstorming once more.

Here are some of my ideas for this semester’s documentary film

Exercise addiction
– generally an uncommon addiction
– consequences of over-exercising
– prevent weight gain
– association with bulimia
– when does it become an addiction
– is it like other forms of addictions
– how to avoid it
– treatment
– cognitive behavior therapy

Sleep paralysis
– what causes SP
– what are the symptoms
– subject’s personal experience
– subject’s struggles
– psychological theories behind SP

Colour blindness
– causes
– treatment
– living with colour blindness
– colour blindness and driving
– colour blindness and shopping
– colour blindness job restrictions
– subject’s struggles
– experience/struggles growing up
– colour blindness myths
– colour blind animals

– animal doco
– animal behavioral habits
– how newly acquired animals adapt to their new environment
– caring for the animals
– zoo keeping 101 (duties, dos & don’ts, etc)
– diary of a zoo keeper (personal experiences)
– steps to becoming a zoo keeper
– pros/cons of the job
– is it worth it?
– Keeper for a day program for kids