Wanted: Femme Fatale Seminar Review



  • Online platforms are a good starting point for those who are interested in writing
  • Women are generally more self-conscious than men – a lack of confidence in women whilst men “bluff” their way to the top
  • Most women lack self-esteem, and so, they are often cautious about their career choices – they are drawn to careers that they think they would have a higher chance of success at; i.e. there are a lot of female (script) writers, costume designers, etc, but not a lot of women cinematographers or directors
  • Women have to work a lot harder than men just to be assured that they could get the job done/deserve to get the job; but that’s not necessarily a bad thing
  • Research is extremely important! – Whether you’re applying for a job or interviewing someone, etc; upon realizing your dream job, you need to research and know exactly what you need to do in order to get there
  • You need to be hungry and entrepreneurial in order to succeed in attaining your dream job; don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the job, always reflect and understand why you didn’t get it and that could perhaps direct you on a different path, one that you never took notice of that would be perfect for you
  • The more skills you’ve got, the more attractive you will be to employers (particular emphasis on the technical side of things; there’s a huge lack of women specialized in technical film/TV roles)
  • Never stop honing your skills – it’s what ultimately makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Passion and the ability to understand your audience (their likes/dislikes, interests, demographics, etc) is key to good content creation
  • As a means of maximizing viewership, content needs to be unique, have a point of difference and have an emotional effect on audiences
  • It’s important for men to know what women go through in the workplace and speak up for women when they feel women are being undermined


  • MCQ (trivia) questions at the start of the seminar was a good attempt at invoking audience participation, as well as provides insight into the subject matter without wasting a lot of time; smart strategy 


  • Remember to do test runs – microphones, cameras, sound equipment, presentation slides & lighting
  • Lighting was done differently as compared to the other seminars:
    • Lights were focused directly on the guest speakers – lighting helped set the mood/played well with the whole femme fatale theme
    • The dimming/turning off of the lights is another point to consider – could potentially help guest speakers feel more relaxed?


Content was relevant and informative?

D – Content was relevant (as demonstrated in the “industry advices” section above) and this might be straying away a little from the topic, but the most striking thing to me was what Brodie said about how it’s important for men to know what women go through in the workplace – stuff like women often being talked over, their opinions disregarded, etc – and how men, upon realizing this, should step up and say something. This struck me as something I should prepare myself for when entering the work force and it caused me to reflect and think about how to best deal in these situations; which I found to be rather insightful. I awarded the femme fatale group a D and not a HD because, though the content provided was relevant, insightful, and more importantly, reflective, the guest speakers went a bit off topic a couple times and one in particular was not prepared enough/unclear of the point(s) she was trying to make, which, after a while, got slightly confusing.

Approach was coherent and engaging?

D – I thought the seminar had a good, structured flow of topic areas. Adding onto that, the MCQ trivia questions are the start of the seminar was effective in providing insight into the situation and/or position of women in the film/TV/media industry. I thought the trivia was a really clever strategy in the sense that it was able to provide good information over a short amount of time. I awarded them a D and not a HD mainly because I felt that they failed to maintain the same level of engagement throughout the seminar – the trivia at the start of the seminar was interactive and engaging and it sort of went downhill from there on. Of course, it didn’t help that they experienced some problems with the microphone.

Theme was executed with originality and style?

D – The theme was executed well and this was reflected through the skyscraper backdrop, colour scheme, fonts used, style/layout of the presentation slides, lighting (guest speakers were put under the spotlight, which fits the style of femme fatale – accentuates their dominance), cups, catering table decor, and poster designs. I awarded them a D and not a HD because

Staging was professional?

C – As touched on above, the femme fatale group had microphone issues all through the seminar, which was rather disrupting and just ruined the whole experience not only for the audience but for the guest speakers as well.

Promotion was varied and timely?

D – The Femme Fatale group’s promotion was both timely and varied. Their posters and were up close to two weeks before the seminar, which helped maximize their publicity and/or exposure. The Femme Fatale group’s marketing material is diverse and this is evident through the promo trailer and a variety of different posters and/or flyers on their Facebook page.




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