Wanted: Breaking In Seminar Review



  • Important to have a digital/visual portfolio of your work with you at all times
  • Never ignore emails
  • Always all to follow up on CV after sending it off via email
  • You need to know your craft & constantly work on your skill base
  • Word of mouth goes around
  • Watch out for typos in cover letter/CV
  • Your friends/classmates are the best network you’re going to get


  • Very good audience engagement
  • Host was amazing
  • Loved the trailer and skit
  • “Applause” sign was a great idea
  • Great use of props


  • Humorous approach helped loosen speakers up; helped them feel more comfortable/casual – which lead to high levels of participation; no awkward silences
  • Camera positions – mid of stairway, diagonally in front of stage
  • Lighting positions – one of each side of stage


Content was relevant and informative?

C – The main criticism I’ve got for the TV group is that their seminar, though entertaining, lacked substance. Most of what was discussed was generic and could easily be obtained through online research. Moreover, the TV group structured their seminar to resemble that of a game show. This approach has both a pro and a con. Unfortunately the questions asked/games played did not provide useful information at all and merely served as entertainment for the guest speakers. In saying so, it (again) lacked substance and thus it did not work out in their favor in terms of content.

Approach was coherent and engaging?

HD – The skit and the use of an “applause” sign was a very clever strategy to engage the audience in the seminar. On top of that, the use of squeaky toys as a buzzer was a smart way and/or system to organize the panel of guest speakers. So that there’s no overlapping or talking over one another – which indirectly results in dealing with problems related to awkwardness. While the game show approach was regarded as a con in terms of content, it’s the opposite when it comes to approach and engagement as it helped guest speakers loosen up and feel more comfortable about sharing their thoughts/opinions.

Theme was executed with originality and style?

HD – The TV group played to their theme of “breaking in to the TV industry” very well. This was demonstrated by the TV group’s seminar promo trailer, the skit at the start of the cinema, the use of props (burglar and cop costumes, gun, etc), and the host staying in character throughout the seminar. The only thing that did not fit in with the theme, and this is definitely nit-picking, were the “meth candy” snacks given out upon entering the lecture hall. All in all, the TV group did a superb job at keeping to their theme and so I awarded them a HD.

Staging was professional?

HD – The TV group did a great job at staging the seminar. The “stage” area was well lighted and decorated to resemble that of a living room, in which they would break into. I thought the living room design helped the guest speakers feel more at home and comfortable, which ultimately helped them open up and share more of their personal experiences.

Promotion was varied and timely?

D – The promotion was timely, abundant and varied. The TV group advertised their event digitally through all RMIT media groups on Facebook (this includes a short promo video and a digital copy of their poster), as well as physically put up posters all around building 9 and 5.


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