Inception: The De-coded Ending

Is the ending a dream or reality? That’s the big question. Someone has finally and observantly figured out the ending to the movie and it had nothing to do with the spinning top! Feel like my mind has just been blown. Christopher Nolan is a genius! I’m so glad someone decoded this!!

Christopher Nolan’s play with mise-en-scene is unbelievable! The answer lies in Leonardo DiCaprio’s, or Cobb’s, left hand! Cobb’s left hand is almost always hidden from the audience. Every time the camera is locked on Cobb, his left hand will conveniently be caught out of frame and every time we think we’re about to see his left hand, one of two thing can happen:

  1. Nolan would cut to another scene/shot
  2. Cobb would find a way to hide it

EXCEPT… once towards the start of the film. The theory is that, because Cobb never accepted the death of his wife, Mal, he always has his wedding ring on when he’s dreaming. Towards the end of the movie, Nolan once again reveals Cobb’s left hand. This was at the airport when he handed the airport _ personnel his passport. And guess what! HE ISN’T WEARING A RING! This suggests that he is not dreaming and, is in fact, living in reality, and thus the ending to the film was a happy ending, which makes me really happy and giddy inside. Anyway, I thought it was very clever of him to do this. I would never have thought of using mise-en-scene like how he has done. Christopher Nolan is officially one of my favorite directors! 

Okay, enough babbling! Think I’m getting too excited and I just realized the amount of exclamation points I’ve typed in this post. Sort of feels like I have been shouting my entire way through.


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