Film-TV 2: Rough Cut Screening

It’s that time of the year again! Rough cut screenings are probably my favorite part of the subject. They are super fun to do and the feedback given is really constructive. But best thing about it, for me, is it’s the first time we get to see everyone else’s’ films! Everyone had such great documentary ideas, so I couldn’t wait to see what the other groups had done with them. However, it was rather disappointing that only 3 groups made it to the screening.

We did things a bit differently this time around. We were instructed to provide other groups with feedback and a grade via a form given to us at the start of the screening. I thought the questions posed in the forms were very practical and it really helped cover all examinable aspects of the documentary.

Seeing as we had a lot of extra time to kill, we gathered around and had a more extensive discussion about our documentary films. The discussion was both fun and informative. I’m glad we had the open discussion, typically because there’s only so much you can get on paper. The discussion allowed everyone to further justify or elaborate on what they had previously written on the feedback sheets. Thought the discussion was a good idea and a good end to the screening.


Feedback from the other two groups:


1378585_10153538704610001_39962469_n 1381806_10153538704815001_1477314023_n 1392099_10153538704845001_710501867_n 1395833_10153538704910001_690752589_n





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