Weekly Minutes: Week 11

Tuesday 21 May 2013

– Finished editing footage (came up to about 50 videos)
– Background finished
– Interface finished (but until the deadline, it will remain a work in progress)
– Created a prototype to be viewed in class (used only 10 out of the 50 videos we had for the in-class preview)
– Viewed each other’s projects in class and gave and received feedback
– Scheduled to film more videos

– Line up the grids to make it look more structured
– Background should be stretched out
– Bring down opacity of background image
– Background might be too busy
– Rethink circle thumbnails; language of the screen is rectangular
– Thumbnails could be made to look black and white
– Thumbnails might look good with flashy backgrounds
– No variation between shots
– Get rid of heading

To-do list:
– Secure a topic/question for the written essay
– Re-edit footage to give it more variation
– Redesign interface
– Film more clips
– Edit newly filmed clips



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