Film TV 1: Editing Disaster!!

After putting in so much time and effort in the shoot, the last thing we, or anyone for that matter, ever wanted to hear is the footage turned out grainy. Needless to say, we panicked. The camera gain was apparently set too high throughout the shoot, which made our footage grainy and led to our unceasing devastation. But just before we hit rock bottom, Paul stepped in and saved the day! (YAY PAUL!!!)

We emailed Paul to set up an appointment almost immediately after our shattering discovery. After viewing the footage and doing some tweaking here and there, our footage was as good as new.

All in all, what we’ve learnt from our 1 hour crash course with Paul is:

1. How to do L cuts and J cuts

2. How to do colour grading using the 3-way colour corrector

3. How to apply the Eight-point garbage matte effect

…and most importantly…

4. We learnt that it pays to get things organized right from the very beginning


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