Film TV 1: Rehearsals

We had rehearsals this week. One for the actors and another just for the five of us. We had our first rehearsal on the 3rd of May at our shooting location (a.k.a. Lauren’s place). The five of us arrived around 10 in the morning and started setting up the lighting right away. We started with the bathroom scene, then made our way to the dining, followed by the kitchen, then the living area, and last but not least the entrance. It took us a while to figure out the lighting, especially for the bathroom scene, but we got there eventually and that’s all that matters. On top of that, we choreographed movement and at the same time discussed camera shots and angles as we lit our scenes (we were quite the multitaskers). That being said, we were pretty much done with the choreographing and planning our shots as soon as we were done with lighting. The only scene we had trouble choreographing was the doorway scene; space was an obstacle. The entrance, like the bathroom, lacks space. So we brainstormed camera positions that are not only doable, all the while keeping in mind the little space we have, but at the same time would not cause us to “cross the line.”


Our second rehearsal was scheduled for the 6th of May with our actors, Ryan Scammell and Belinda Jenkin. We had our rehearsals outside the editing suites in building 9 and it went on for about an hour or so. We mostly just ran through lines and talked about our vision in comparison to their interpretations of their respective roles. The purpose of having this rehearsal was to clear up any impending questions they might have regarding the script and at the same time it was for us to assess their on-screen chemistry. We would have loved for both Ryan and Belinda to be at the shooting location, just so we have a proper run through of each scene. It’s a shame we couldn’t synchronize our busy schedules.

All in all, we managed to get a lot of planning done and it was good practice for all of us.


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