Film-TV 1: Production Design

The deadline for our production folio is drawing near. That being said, I figured it was finally time to stop procrastinating and get on it.

As production designer I was responsible for the set design, costumes, hair and make-up, and props. My main philosophy for the set design is that it’s a form of disguise. It serves as a back-up plan, in the sense that it may very well cover up any on-screen mistakes by distracting the audience. Hence, the better the set design, the better the disguise.

Talking about costumes (my favorite part), I thought Stu should have on a pair a of geeky glasses, and either a buttoned-up shirt with suspenders, black pants, and some sneakers, or a hideous blazer over a buttoned-up shirt, a funky tie, black pants and a pair of bally shoes; and as for Jenny, I reckon a short, body-fitting dress (preferably in red) and heels would suffice.

With regard to hairstyles, I imagine Stu having his hair gelled back while Jenny either wears it down in curls or up in a loose ponytail. As for make-up, i think Jenny would look great with just a little bit of eye make-up and red lipstick.

Last but not least, the props. After discussing it as a group, we came up with a list of things we needed – Men’s Health magazines, a wine bottle, wine glasses, a mobile phone, a can of fake cat food, cologne, hair wax, a bowl of salad, a carrot, zucchini, and an orange. This took little or no time to figure out and it was, by far, the easiest part of the task.

What started off being a drag, turned out to be a really fun task. I spent hours looking up geeky stuff and had so much fun doing it. And now, I’m just excited to see how everything will unfold on set and on-screen.

Production Design Notes


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