Film-TV 1: Auditions

What? : Stu’s Date Auditions

When? : 26th April 2013 // 1:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Where? : RMIT Building 9, Level 2

Casting; what an experience! And I don’t mean a good one.

The five of us got to Uni early to secure a location (all the classrooms were booked, so we took a gamble and decided to scout for an empty classroom on casting day itself) and to set up. While Laura and Shierly looked around for available classrooms, Mar made a trip to the grocery to get bottled water for the actors, Lauren hired equipment from the techs, and I worked on the production design notes. A while later, Laura and Shierly came back bearing good news. One of the tutors had cancelled his class for the day and we now had place to hold our auditions! Needless to say, luck was on our side that day.

After moving all our stuff to our audition venue, we rearranged the tables and chairs, set up the camera, printed out extra copies of the script, and put up audition signs, all in time for the first candidate, who, by the way, was a no-show. We waited and waited, until finally someone walked through the door and put us out of our misery. Ryan Smith was the first person we auditioned. We thought he put on a good show but felt he didn’t quite fit the part well. And after Ryan made his exit, we went back to waiting again.

We short listed 6 guys and 7 girls in total, out of which only 4 people showed up to audition. The rest were either unreachable or no longer interested to be part of the short film. Also, we’ve been looking forward to this day for a while now; excited and eager to see the how the actors have interpreted their respective roles. Ergo, it was rather disappointing and demotivating when people started bailing out on us. And it is due to the poor attendance that we decided to call for a second round of auditions.

To sum it all up, below are some of the lessons I’ve gathered from the audition.

Lessons of the day:

  1. Do not be too picky when it comes to shortlisting
  2. Do not take too long before replying to applicants
  3. Do send out notices in advanced
  4. It’s optimistic to think that one round of auditions would do the trick

That’s all for now.


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