Film-TV 1: Lenny

This week we take on the “Lenny” exercises.

The first exercise required us to edit the Lenny footage according to a pre-written script. This, to me, was the easiest task of all mainly because I’ve done quite a number of editing work throughout the years so I’m no stranger to editing. Hence, it only took half and hour for me to finish it. While doing the editing work, I realized a couple of problems with the footage in terms of its lighting and framing.

Firstly, half the lighting was messed up and because of that, the colour tones varied between the shots. Simply said, there was no continuity between the shots. So to solve this problem, I standardized the shots using the 3-way colour corrector effect made available on Final Cut Pro. Secondly, I thought the camera framing wasn’t very well done. There were one or two times where the boom mic was caught in frame. This isn’t a big mistake and it isn’t particularly hard to fix. It can be easily fix by cropping the video using the key motion tool. The third issue regards direction and was made apparent to me when Paul brought it up in class. The characters are supposed to be coming from two completely different places. So they should be taking two separate routes and walking their separate ways. However, it was shot as if they were walking the same way. This would mean that they should have bumped into one another before reaching their destination. So in order to fix this, one of the shots of either character (Lenny or Sharon) would have to be flipped.

The second exercise involved us shooting the second half of the Lenny scenes, and editing it in camera, according to a predetermined script. We did this is groups of five.

For the second exercise, I was in charge of the filming. I’ve been itching to get behind the camera and actually go around filming something. So needless to say, I was very excited. We were given approximately half and hour to complete this task and in that time, we spent a little too much time planning the shots and had to relocate a couple of times due to the unpredictable weather. In the end, we only had 10 minutes to shoot the entire sequence. So we put our game faces on and finished the job as quickly as we could and at the end of the day, I think we did a pretty good job.


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