Monthly Archives: March 2013

We’ve been briefed on the assessment task and we’ve been put into groups. Now it’s time to get the show on the road!

We were given time to talk about our assessment towards the end of tute and I think we managed to get a lot done. By the end of tute, we had mutually decided on a story idea, discussed the script, assigned roles, talked about potential locations, explored costumes, and talked through the set design.

Back on the topic of the story idea, our film revolves around Stu a geeky, socially awkward fella who scores a (first) date with his dream girl, Jenny. He anxiously practices pick up lines while waiting for Jenny to arrive. But little does he know, Jenny isn’t the person he thinks she is. On the outside, Jenny is an attractive woman who catches guys attention as she walks into a room. But on the inside, she’s a huge slob that eats like a pig. Our short film basically follows and/or chronicles Stu on his first date.

Next, we talked about the script. We drew inspiration from films that shared a similar storyline. White Chicks, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Bad Teacher were some of the films brought up during our discussion. As for the location, because Stu is still a student and does not have a high paid job, we all agreed that either an apartment or a down market unit would suffice. Subsequently, with regard to set design, we talked about having posters all around Stu’s bedroom, action figures displayed on the table or shelves, etc. Following that, we debated weekly meetings and assigned roles. I volunteered to take on the role of production designer and first AD.

Ultimately, It was easy working with everyone and I think the group discussion went really well. We managed to cover almost every area of our production and by the end of tute, our script was well on it way. This was, no doubt, a productive week.