Smartphone Apps

In this time and age, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Smartphones have become such a big part of our lives, in fact they have become our lives and as a result, we’ve learnt that we cannot live without it. You can download apps onto your smartphone and these apps exist to make your life easier. Smartphones apps are what helps us organize our agendas, do our shopping, pay our bills, email, stay connected to friends and family via social networking sites, etc. You can typically do everything on a smartphone. However, smartphones are a great distraction and they can get quite overwhelming. To illustrate my point, kids nowadays would rather stay indoors and play video games or sit in front of a computer all day than have a fun day at the beach.

Like majority of the population, I too own a smartphone and I’ve decided to get one for reasons mentioned above. Below are the pros and cons of some of my most used apps.


Instead of having to go onto a web browser to get on Facebook, there is a Facebook app up for download on the app store. I like to know what’s happening with my friends and family all the time and the app definitely makes it easier to keep track with the lastest happenings. The layout of the app is simple and user friendly, the content loads reasonably fast and unlike the desktop site, the mobile app displays the last time someone came on Facebook messenger. Despite the pros, I feel that it’s a bit too basic. Some features or functions are disabled or unavailable on the mobile site and that can be quite irritating


Whatsapp makes keeping in touch easy. I use whatsapp to communicate with friends and family all over the world rather then spending a chunk of money on international phone calls and text messages. Next, I like how whatsapp allows its users to create groups. That makes communication much faster and easier. Besides that, I like how I could easily send photos, videos and voice messages rather than having to inconveniently send it through email. A couple of things I don’t quite fancy about the app is how it messages sometimes don’t get sent or received and also the fact that it could take a while to start up, if it starts up at all


This app allows me to do my banking – money transferring, bills, account management, etc – on my smartphone. It’s convenient, safe and more importantly it save me a trip to the bank. The con about this app is that it crashes a little too often


Travelling by tram can be quite unreliable and as a result, you can easily miss or be extremely early for one. This app provides real time information about trams so it’s useful when planning trips to and fro. It also allows you to track your location while you’re on the tram. Even though the app is a lot better compared to the printed version of the schedule, it still has a way to go as it can still be inaccurate from time to time

Conclusively, smartphone apps have their pros and cons. I feel people nowadays, myself included, are too reliant on smartphone apps and this could pose as a problem. If we rely too much on apps to do our work for us, we won’t know how to do things for ourselves if they suddenly ceased to exist. They are great tools but only to a certain extent.



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