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I’ve searched the topic “famous restaurants in Melbourne” on all three search engines. Below are my findings.


The search results were inclusive of an assortment of different restaurants, all of them diverse, in terms of the type of cuisine, which in return gives you more options. The address, map, direction, screenshot, contact details, links to the respective restaurants, review, score, and opening hours for these restaurants were also included in the search and displayed on the search page itself. This allows the viewer to get a brief idea about the restaurant before actually clicking on the website. Next, Google’s search loads faster and the results are both in-depth and straightforward. It is also more user-friendly. Conclusively, Google is easy to use and you’re bound to find what you’re searching for and more. It gets a full 5/5 stars.

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The results are very similar to the ones obtained from Google, however the results that came back are not throughout. Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo does not round-up or automatically search for specific restaurants. The search results mostly include blogs and websites that posts articles about famous restaurants. The viewer would have to click on any one of those sites and read through the article to find the mentioned or accredited restaurants then search for it manually again or, if applicable, click on the link in the post. Google saves time and effort by skipping the narrowing down process. On another note, the layout is simple and the search speed on DuckDuckGo is relatively fast but not as fast when compared to Google. In conclusion, DuckDuckGo is too simple and is not very useful when doing research. It gets 3/5 stars.

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The layout was a wee bit complicated and the search results consisted of a mind map, a bunch of facts about Melbourne and Melbourne’s food industry, some websites about the topic, videos, images, quizzes and a glossary. I thought that Instragrok was not at all user-friendly as it took longer trying to understand how its available functions. Apart from that, the search speed on Instagrok is slower than Google and DuckDuckGo. To sum up, Instagrok is a better fit for research essays or those that are academic related. It gets 2.5/5 stars.

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1. Google

2. DuckDuckGo

3. Instagrok

Setting my default search engine


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I’ve recently set up three google alerts on the topics food, art and travel. Apart from finding out which airline has the tastiest food, I stumbled upon an article about the Paris airport and their latest attraction.

For those who travel often and in long distances, the airport could be a dreary place to be. And so, the Charles de Gaulle airport had come up with the idea, “art on the go“. What they did was built a gallery displaying original works, on loan from Parisian museums. A total of 50 works, including The Thinker and The Kiss, by the 19th-century sculptor were loaned. The reason behind the construction of this 250 square-metre area space is to give travelers a taste of Paris, specifically Paris’ art culture beforehand. I think this is a great way to advertise Paris’ art, especially to an audience unfamiliar with the subject.

The gallery, opened from the time the first flight departs the Charles de Gaulle airport and closing only after the last arrives/departs, is located at the heart of the airport and is free to all passengers who may be transiting through terminal 2E. Besides that, the gallery, chiefly targeted at international passengers, is expected to host two six-month exhibitions a year and with a record number of 61.6 million passengers having passed through the doors of Charles de Gaulle airport in the year 2012, the gallery expects to host anywhere between 1500 and 2000 visitors per day.

Manage spam and comments

People often misuse comments boxes by posting various inappropriate, offensive, and/or promotional posts, which makes the task of handling spam and comments a royal pain. In the past, I’ve always handled it manually – checking for notifications at the end of the day and deleting spam if there’s any. But this conventional method is not all that effective and efficient, especially if something inappropriate gets published and is later witnessed by the eyes of a minor. The Internet is a dangerous playground, which leads to the use of safety-featured applications or spam filtering services online, in hopes of  making the Internet a safer place across diverse age groups.

There is an assortment spam filtering services to choose from on the World Wide Web. However, the one I’ve chosen to help reduce spam on my blog is known as Akismet. Akismet or Automattic Kismet automatically detects spam and demands approval before publishing the comment on your blog. It does this by monitoring millions of blogs and forums, then observes and studies how spammers operate. Akismet definitely helped me save a lot of time and effort by doing what it does best.

Nadia Eweida is a Christian and a flight attendant at British Airways. She was spotted wearing her cross on the job one day and was told off by her employers. When she refused to budge, she was forced to leave work. Nadia’s insistence of wearing her cross resulted in a huge legal battle between her and her employers as well as the British Government. Her request was denied by a total of six British courts, whose verdict stated that the airlines was merely sticking to protocol and was fair in their commands. The European Court of Human Rights, however, thought otherwise. Upon receiving the good news, Nadia responded by saying, and I quote,

it’s significant for Christians because they will be able to wear their crosses in their workplace without the feeling of retribution or discrimination

As a result of the intervention of the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, Nadia finally won her case in 2009 (seventh time’s the charm) and was given permission to wear her cross in her workplace. The repercussions of this extensive, and in my opinion irrational, battle had cost British Airways their corporate reputation. But it doesn’t end there. After the court ruled in Nadia’s a favor, she continued her legal battle against the British Government, saying it hasn’t adequately protected her human rights.

Click here for Nadia’s interview with CNN reporter Dan Rivers


Contrary to popular belief, cheerleading is a sport, an athletic, demanding and highly competitive one at that. The sport is high on tumbling, jumps, stunts and dance and has gained popularity over the years. The team to audition for is Cheer Extreme and on the team is Maddie Gardner, one of the best all-star cheerleader in the country and since leading her team to a gold at Worlds, she is now a “cheer-lebrity” in the world of cheerleading. Maddie, having grabbed the gold for her team, is now under extreme pressure to stay on top. In her interview with CNN reporter Sandra Endo, she talks about her past experiences as well as the amount of commitment, struggles, pressure, and sacrifice the sport requires.

This video interview showcases various stunts and jumps, which I feel, properly justifies the sport and illustrates just how difficult the sport truly is. Apart from stating the seriousness of the sport, the video communicates the values associated with the sport. To further illustrate my point, cheerleading teaches its practitioners teamwork, leadership, showmanship, discipline, and simultaneously boosts confidence. Next, it also shows the audience just how much work, time and dedication is put into a 2-3 minute routine. To quote Endo, “it’s been an emotional end to a year of intense pressure and training. But practice is starting all over for the next season.”

Lastly, during the interview, Maddie tells CNN she and her team plans to secure their spot at the top, but having injured her leg just weeks before Worlds, will the team be able to stay on top? Or will they come tumbling down?

Being the typical girly-girl that I am, I spend countless hours surfing various fashion sites and watching beauty or fashion related videos on YouTube. I recently stumbled upon a site called “The Beauty Department” found by Lauren Conrad and Amy Nadine. The website mainly features make-up, hair and nail tutorials. These tutorials are educational and at the same time they’re super fun and easy to do.